Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Quotes

Here's some I've collected for the past couple months... I kind of forgot about them.

"Have you been tested by the FDA? Because you're intoxicating."

"Don't use that pot! I boiled my toothbrush in it!" -Anna

"So do your teeth have lice?" -Kaitlyn

"Anna, I am not wearing this jacket!! I look weird!" -Laura

"I used a cup because I didn't want to make a plate." -Anna
"Out of clay?" -Laura

Here are some really strange messages I've received in the past couple weeks without any of the context in which they were sent. Interestingly enough, Anna is the only one to send me strange things.

"Tom Selleck could have been Indiana Jones! I love his moustache!"

"Remember limiting reactants from chemistry well I used that principle to figure out how much of rice crispy treats I could make"

"At least its not lupus."

"You actually would hate me."

"Today someone on facebook said sweet photo and I read sweet potato."

"He admitted to me that he likes to use bath and body works lotion."

"I'm feeding evil children."

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