Saturday, May 12, 2012

Attack of the Movies

The summer after my freshman year, I lived in Provo for the summer. I lived half a block from my sister so we were always doing things together. I went to a few of her ward activities including a jello fight, and a pie making contest. Her old complex, Campus Plaza, has a pool and is very social. The complex put on a movie night in the pool which was sweet. They set up a projector onto a screen so we could watch Finding Nemo. The screen was made of a whiteboard type material and was supported by PVC pipes.

It was really fun for the most part. It was actually cold due to the wind and the fact that it was night and the pool was unheated. I had to stay mostly underwater minus my head or I would freeze. Halfway through the movie, it got a little too windy and the screen actually fell over into the pool. Lucky for me, I was standing near the back of the pool. There was a couple watching right at the edge that wasn't so lucky. There wasn't enough time for them to move out of the way so they dove to the bottom of the pool since it landed right where they were. The majority of the people laughed at the weird scene. It kind of floated at first but then slowly started sinking. We all grabbed hold of it and pushed the screen back onto the poolside. After learning the hard way, the screen was secured with cinder blocks. The movie was not quite the same after that sudden interruption. I could not stop my random bursts of laughter during parts that were not particularly funny.

A month or so later, I went to a movie in the park. I went with Anna and some friends from her ward. We went to see Planet 51, a movie about what else, aliens! A human lands on the planet and the aliens go all crazy. They can't decide if he is safe or going to attack. 

The movie was pretty entertaining, it was a kids movie but had some funny jokes adults would appreciate. The most entertaining part of the movie was when we had this weird lighting happened across the sky. A thunderstorm was going on in the distance and it was also when the sun went down so it was a strange combination of lightning and the sunset. The sky was purple with an eerie glow across it. Now remember, this was during an alien movie so it really added to the scene. Some people were laughing, saying that aliens were coming to invade and I laughed until I cried.

It truly looked like everything you would imagine an alien invasion would be like. The lightning would occur sporadically and it moved closer as the storm came towards us. It looked like a rocketship coming closer to land. The thunder was overwhelmingly loud and sounded exactly like a rocketship moving through the air. Sadly, our fun was ruined when the storm was too close for comfort so the equipment was taken down. I haven't watched an alien movie since but I definitely have high expectations since this incident.

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