Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Quotes

A text to Kara: "Speak of the devil. Yay! So sweet. Farty."

"I'm so sorry I forgot!! Here have a juicebox!" -Katie

"Let's say you're the queen." -Dustin
"I like where this is going." -Laura

"Do you speak Laos?" -Aislynn
"Do you speak America?"

"I didn't know you have shoes!!" -Aislynn to Stephen

"Sometimes we have crepe parties." -Aislynn
"Crate parties??" -Everyone listening
"Yes, sometimes we have pallet parties too!" -Aislynn

"She's not really a giant annelid." -Kaitlyn

"There's a hole in my bagel! I'll pay you with a dollar with a hole in the middle!!" -Kara

"Who sings earth, wind, fire? I mean...." -Laura
"And in that day, Laura practiced for Jeopardy." -Kaitlyn

Text: "A mar?! Is that a nap or a momentary angst relapse" -Kaitlyn

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