Friday, March 23, 2012

Did you Staple that Right?

This is the story of how Kara and I decided we were friends.

Freshman year was a little weird at the beginning. It's pretty much the same for everyone. You move in with new roommates you don't know. You talk but don't know how forward to be. It's sometimes a bad thing to reveal how crazy you are too early. New people will not want to get to know you, they will just think of you as an overwhelmingly crazy person.

Kara and I were at the point where we weren't completely open with each other. I was trying to be super normal, to the point where it was really boring. Kara was just not very open so she seemed normal. There were a few times she said strange things so we all knew it was in her.

We usually went to bed around the same time, between eleven and midnight. But this was one of those nights where we both stayed up later than normal, working on homework that had to be printed and stapled. I had just crawled into bed and was waiting for Kara to finish since she was just a couple minutes behind me. I watched as her paper printed, then she stapled it and put it in her folder.

At the moment, I was very exhausted. And apparently delusional. But then again, so was Kara. I looked at her funny when she stapled it and asked her, "Did you staple that right?" I'm not even sure if there is an incorrect way to staple something unless you staple in the middle of the paper. Kara in her tired state didn't question me and pulled out her paper. She examined it and told me that she had indeed stapled it correctly.

The next morning, we both woke up and laughed about that moment. Did I seriously ask that question?? Did Kara really not see anything wrong with that?? That's when we both decided that we are both ridiculous and crazy and we could be friends.

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