Wednesday, March 14, 2012

But I Know You Know Her!!!

The beginning of last semester my ward had an activity to help everyone introduce themselves. Afterwards I talked to a few people that seemed interesting. At one point I met a guy who was telling me about his major, neuroscience. I happened to mention a friend from Richmond, Auri, studying the same thing. I asked if they knew each other. They did and apparently were in the same lab group for chem 107.

At this point I freaked out a little much. I knew that Kara was in the same lab group as Auri (because I creeped on Kara emailing her one time). So I asked if he knew Kara. And he did not. That was really awkward. Especially because I persisted in saying they KNEW each other. They HAD to!!

This went on for quite awhile. I continued telling him that they knew each other. He just looked at me like I was crazy. Then I would repeat it and describe her. I eventually decided to try something different after this went nowhere after 5 minutes. I found a picture of Kara on my phone. Except that all of my pictures of her look ridiculous. So the best I got is here.

Just look at her huge forehead. Kara always looks that way (jk).

He remembered her and realized that he thought she was Auri the whole time. So ridiculous.

Then we were actually going to Kara's surprise birthday party and we told him so. Other people overheard and asked whose birthday it was. Luckily Kara and Anna were born a day apart so we told them it was Anna's belated birthday. Then everyone sang for her and we quickly ran away.

I just thought it was hilarious that none of this happened on purpose. Maybe one day I'll be less awkward.

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