Monday, March 12, 2012

Pizza Friday Gone All Wrong

My freshman year my roommates and I started pizza Friday. As that implies we had pizza on Fridays. Every Friday once it started. There were one or two times we didn't have it (which confused some of our friends) but for two semesters everyone used some of their Creamery money to buy ingredients for pizza. Then we would make it and it was always delicious.

Last year, we didn't exactly keep up the tradition but turned it into a special occasion sort of thing. One week I decided to invite friends over since we hadn't had one since the last semester. Later in the week I got sick and threw up in the testing center. Since I had already made plans for the party I couldn't cancel it the day before so I decided to try and get past my illness and do pizza anyway. I'm sure you can tell where this is going, and it makes a great story.

I had someone else make the dough so I wouldn't spread whatever it was and we ate it all pretty fast. I was perfectly fine for the next hour or so. After eating, my stomach felt weird again. I decided to lie down but that didn't help. Some of the girls decided to start a movie but I couldn't really concentrate and went to the hot tub instead.

Hot tub when you're sick? It seemed like a really good idea at the time, however it was not so much in practice. I just put my feet in the hot tub and was sitting for about ten minutes when the feeling that I would vomit at any second came upon me. I quickly yelled at Anna that we had to leave. In my brilliance, I grabbed the pool key and accidentally shut it, locking the pool gate. This left Anna trapped in the pool area while I threw up. Because I was running, I actually projectile vomited into the trash and on the wall.

Since it was dark, Anna could only partially see what was happening. At this point she did realize that I had thrown up and was demanding I let her out. I threw the key to her and started laughing really hard. I laughed until I cried since it was hilariously ridiculous. I had locked my shouting sister in the pool area while I projectile vomited. It just seemed so random.

We walked back through my apartment while the movie was still going. Everyone was really confused so I continued to laugh and cry because I had to explain what happened to them. And finally, while I showered Anna got to clean up my mess. In the dark. It was such a weird night but surprisingly a highlight from last winter semester.

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