Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Quotes

"I hate when I'm a jerk." -Brittany
"We hate it too." -Lauren

After Anna comes back from watching a movie.
"What movie  are you guys watching?" -Laura
"Lord of the Rings." -Anna
I knew that Anna has never really wanted to watch them. "I'm sorry." -Laura
"He's in the other room." -Anna
"That's embarrassing." -Laura

"I love it when I'm witty!" -Laura

"I don't like ferrets but I like this picture of ferrets wearing turtlenecks." -Anna

"That figs..." -Hannah
"Figs...?" -Kara and me
"For figures. They used it in my high school. I didn't realize nobody knew about it." -Hannah
"Well that's okay because abbrevs are cool." -Laura

"It's like killing Mr. Rogers or something." -Anna

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