Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Strange Fire Dancing, Ear Piercing Birthday Party

It sounds like I have been to some weird parties throughout the years, which is true. That with the fact that I have weird friends (in a good way) makes for some of the most unusual parties ever.

In sixth grade, I went to party of a girl, Hannah, I had known for a few years. We were in some of the same elementary school classes. Then we were on the same team in middle school meaning all the students were the same but we just switched teachers for various classes. I pretty much knew the whole time that she was a little crazy but it didn't ever bother me. I didn't realize until her party just how crazy she was though.

The party started out normal, everyone came ate food and talked. Somewhere in there they said that they had some water balloons already filled up for us to use. They had not told us there would be a water balloon fight so I just got wet in my normal clothes. We were on two sides and took up much of the front yard and driveway to play. I think some kids even hid in trees to get better places to aim from. The unexpected water balloon fight was fun, but a little strange for normal parties.

Hannah had one gift in mind for her 12th birthday. She was in the same boat as me, we both had to wait until we turned 12 to get our ears pierced. While I went to a kiosk at the mall, for her gift, she had her ears pierced at her party.

I remember they gathered everyone into a circle in the living room (I'm not sure why you would want a crowd watching this activity, it's kind of personal and some people even cry during it. It was a little more than just weird). We all sat while they readied everything to pierce her ears. They put sharpie on her ears to get it straight and pulled out the type of ear piercer that you just squeeze and they go in. They had one person do each side, one at a time while everyone watched.

It's one of those moments that you just cringe because you imagine their pain. And just because I keep thinking about it, it was not like The Parent Trap or the Full House episode when Stephanie pierces her ears. This was slightly more professional, because an adult did it, but not by much.

The last weird thing that happened was a firedance demonstration (similar to picture below). Apparently she learned to dance from some friends that (not kidding) worked for the circus so she showed off for us. After her routine, the real party was over and her circus friends performed for fun. My friends all sat in the living room and we played the bongos while watching the firedancing from the window.

I'm not sure where Hannah is now, but I'm sure she's a hipster. This was definitely in my top 5 weirdest parties.

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