Friday, February 24, 2012

February Quotes

"Green or argyle [socks]?" -Anna
"Argyle. Was that really even a question?" -Laura
"I was testing to see if we were related!" -Anna

"This may sound shallow but any girl who can cook becomes 500,000,000x hotter." -Dustin
"A guy who can wash dishes...." -Laura (this was cut off due to the overwhelming laughter)

"What would you say about this situation? A girl is radiating heat and a guy is ice cold." -Anna
"They should cuddle." -Laura (granted this is right after our Boise, Idaho weekend).
"Ummm, what else?" -Anna
"Oh it's like Twilight!!" -Laura

"This apple has a squish..." -Laura
"You have a squish!" -Anna

"Thanks I require at least five insults per day." -Anna

"Don't worry about her being a hipster. It won't get her anywhere in life." -Anna

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