Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sorry I Just Licked My Hand!

This week I went to a birthday party. I knew some people there, but there were a ton of people I had never met before. One of them was someone Anna knows from her old FHE group. Anna went to say hi, and then introduced me. At the same time, I was at the food table and took out of piece of cheesecake to put on my plate. I had a little on the end of my finger and licked it. Right then he went to shake my hand. I am nice enough to not make someone shake my nasty finger, so I blurted, "Sorry, I just licked my hand!" Embarrassed, I put my hand behind my back so he wouldn't accidentally shake it.

Since I had made it really awkward, I turned instead to get a paper towel to clean off my hand. I'm pretty sure that Aaron Dees heard my conversation because he tried to do the same thing. He held out his hand for me to shake but I again blurted out, "Sorry, I just licked my hand!" Instead of just giving up he decided we should try other things. We tried to do a back handed high five (which according to urban dictionary is the new fist bump).  I never do those ever, and I'm not sure that anyone does because neither of us were any good. It was one of those awkward times where we tried like five times and none of them were good. We didn't want to end on that weird note so he decided we should do an elbow tickle instead. That wasn't weird at all. I usually don't tickle anyone's elbows, and didn't realize it was a general sort of greeting. So I tickled his elbow which was at least better than our back handed high fives.

After our greeting, I was finally able to grab a paper towel. I cleaned off my hand and then was finally able to shake hands with Anna's friend.

Now if you don't want to shake someone's hand, this is an idea to get out of it!

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