Thursday, July 21, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Audrey is very much into princesses at the moment. Every book from the library has to be about princesses and most of the toys she plays with are somehow made out to be princesses and their princes. One of the key parts of every princess story is their marriage and the happily ever after. Audrey is obsessed with weddings, and coming from Provo, I think it is hilarious.

This week my family received the Richmond bridal magazine. Audrey noticed it and went looking through it. She looked at a few of the dresses and said she really liked one for her mom. She didn't understand that her mom didn't need another one. On the pages with dresses on them, she would yell out, "I LOVE this dress." As this is an all too similar occurrence in Provo, I think she is growing up well.

Audrey has this funny thing where she hides whenever she knows someone is coming into a room to look for her. Well today, she went and hid in the bathroom, behind the toilet. When I came to look for her she popped out from behind it, ramming herself into the toilet paper dispenser. Her actions actually broke our toilet paper dispenser, she tore it out from the wall.

Anna and I took Emily, Audrey and Allyson to the pet store today to go look at the different animals. We went and looked at the cats, which were behind glass. The cats rubbed up against the glass and since Audrey couldn't touch them, she patted the glass which was adorable.

There was a dog training session in the front of the store that I took Audrey to watch. While in the dog section, Audrey loved looking at all the dog toys and the dog clothes. She even found a dog house and decided it was her size.

This is Audrey checking the roof of the dog house.

Basically, Audrey is always a handful but she gives us a lot of things to laugh about.


  1. I do have a blog! I've had it for awhile but I don't post much.

  2. Haha she looks like Alice in Wonderland in that dog house picture!