Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Quotes

"That gangster is eating a Fig Newton! That is the least gangster of all cookies!" -Anna

"Why are you hugging and cuddling the toilet paper?" -Anna to Audrey

"There was a penny in my banana!" -Anna (after picking up her banana peel)

"Those shoes are stylish! Except I think boy feet are gross!" -Anna (about a pair of flip flops)

"You have junk in your trunk." -Anna
"There is nothing of the sort!" -Laura

"I think the dentist gave me a lobotomy!" -Anna

"One or two?" -Laura
"Brownie." -Audrey

"When I want candy, I turn into a super hero." -Laura

"That's not a bow. That's a space station." -Laura


  1. True, but are you going to tell him to stop eating them?

  2. I want pictures of that bow. And I miss you guys and all of your awesomeness. Hope you've been having a great summer!