Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I Should Never Stay up Late

A couple weeks ago my friends and I stayed up pretty late. I think I had been up since 7 AM and it was Saturday morning around 1:30 AM. Luckily it was a Saturday so I could sleep in.

The guys had to leave due to curfew so just the girls were left. That meant the fun had ended and we were tired anyways, so we all wanted to sleep.

We went around cleaning up the cups left on the floor, and putting pillows and blankets away. I went to put my cup in the dishwasher when I noticed a bottle of medicine. Apparently I did not read the entire bottle label, just the last half. My brain interpreted it as "mustache relief". What it really said was headache relief. I really don't know how I got to that point, other than I just read the -ache relief part and my brain put in the most used word ending in ache.

Yes, at BYU mustaches are a big issue. I have had many conversations about mustaches and how gross they are (THEY'RE NASTY GUYS). They guys think that they should grow mustaches to prove their manliness, because the honor code prevents beards (thank goodness because they're worse!). Thus it becomes a topic in everyday conversation.

I thought about that phrase. Who would need mustache relief? Then I thought about those poor girls either dating or married to guys with mustaches at BYU. I decided that if anyone ever came up with a "mustache relief" it would be quite popular at BYU.

After that I started hysterically laughing. I like to think that I have a really great sense of humor, and when I think something is ridiculously awesome (when standing), I tend to bend over and grab my knees. If it is even more hilarious than that I will literally fall on the ground laughing, and I will start crying.

At that point I grabbed my knees and cried, but only a little. Then I turned to my friends who really wondered what just went through my head. I told them the story and we all had a good laugh about it. Then they had to question my thinking, if I was insane or just tired. I was indeed tired, so they looked at me sadly and said, "Laura, just go to bed."

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