Friday, April 8, 2011

April Quotes

"Hate is a very common word in our apartment." -Brett

"It's not my birthday." -Kara

"Don't take a picture of me with trash." -Anna

"I just ate a chocolate chip." -Kara
"Off the ground?!?" -Laura
-giggling from Kara-

"My heart is menopausal." -Kara

"Get your boy love on." -Kara

"Do you want to curl my hair into troll sized splurgs of awesomeness?" -Kara

"Who's telling you about my chicken nuggets?!?!" -Laura

"I don't want police looking in my room!" -Kara

"I have hair on my toes. At least one toe." -Kara

"Although we hooked you... With our hooks." -Kara

"Brett you're inconsiderate!" -Laura
"I just assumed she was literate!" -Brett

"You never need to apologize for talking about puppies." -Anna

"I once got in trouble for starting a gang." -Sarah

"I need to take your pants!" -Anna to our baby cousin

"I don't want diaper glasses!" -Anna

"I have poop hands!" -Anna

"I accidentally put some noodles in a drawer..." -Laura

"I miss you like I miss chocolate milk when I don't have nesquik." -Anna

"You would like a drinking song." -Anna

"Those snotties turned into gum." -Jayben (our 6 year old cousin)

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