Thursday, April 28, 2011

Should you really be nice to people?

Answer: yes.
Does that always happen? No, see below.

Last year in my chemistry class we liked to play youtube videos for fun. One day a guy showed us this gem. The song lyrics "don't bite your friends" became an inside joke between Kara, Anna and I. We thought it was hilarious and sometimes when Kara was being mean to me I would remind her not to bite me.

This week I babysat my cousins Jayben and Lincoln. That meant we watched Nick Jr. a few times. During a commercial break that song played although I didn't get to watch it so Kara said this funny quote: "Sad day. Friends are for biting!"

On a related note Yo Gabba Gabba is really creepy! Each character has their own area except for the robot which is really sad. Anna and I felt bad for him. They had an art show and one had like junk which was art, so the other characters were awkward about it. They said anything can be art even if it doesn't look good. The black guy wears like gospel choir robes and has an orange furry hat?? Weird. And at the end of the show he turns them into toys again and puts them in a briefcase and takes them away. I thought that was creepy!!

So here's my story. People always think that I am nice and quiet and that sort of thing. I am for the most part, but around certain people not so much. So you may think I am mean but that might be because I am around someone who annoys me greatly.

One day I was next door with my friends. It was a Sunday and we were at the end of a game of Monopoly. I was about to leave when a bunch of people walked in to watch a movie afterwards.

I had brought a plate of cookies over and let my friends have some. When this group came in, a boy I didn't know asked for a cookie. I politely gave him one. I then got all my things to leave and soon walked to the door. When I was right in front of the door he asked for a second cookie.

I looked at his group of friends, of the rest of them, none had asked for a single cookie yet he was asking for a second and when I was leaving, no less. I did not want to give him one but because I am nice I gave him one. Although my method was a little... rude. Since I was across the room I threw the cookie, but at the wall behind him. It broke on the wall and fell to the ground.

The guy looked at me and gave me a very confused thanks. I said you're welcome before walking out the door. Because their door was still open, I heard everyone in the room start laughing as soon as I was out of the room.

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