Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Insert Something Witty about Movies Here

I’m not sure how many of my friends know this, but I love ridiculous movies, like really bad ridiculous movies. I'm talking about the ones that come on Disney channel, ABC Family or Hallmark. They are ridiculously implausible and the story lines are usually not well written but that being said, it’s what makes them hilarious. Other movies that go to the theaters can make it into this category as well, such as the Twilight movies.

Last summer, I was home and so some of my time I spent watching movies or TV shows on our TV. We have this capability called On Demand where many channels put shows or movies up so the users can watch them anytime. This enabled me to watch a lot of ABC Family movies.

Anna and I found one that has celebrities in it but before they were well known. The show was called Crimes of Fashion and it starred Kaley Cuoco and the villain was Megan Fox. The premise was about a girl played by Kaley who was going to fashion school when her grandfather, that she never knew, died. He left her the family business which turns out to be the mafia, making her the mob boss. The entire school finds out from a tabloid about her new job. The students and teachers are terrified of her which is hilarious because she never would hurt anyone and doesn't want to be a mob boss. One young cop follows her around the school, pretending to be a student, so he can find out about her nonexistent evil schemes. Of course, they end up falling in love. She ends up turning one of their fronts around so it becomes a legal business which happens to manufacture clothes, a perfect outlet for her. She finds out the villain (Megan Fox) has been stealing designs from one of the workers at the clothing factory and thus she is expelled. She even gets the rival mob boss to confess that he committed tax fraud while she is wearing a microphone, so her cop boyfriend arrests him. Then it turns out her grandfather isn’t dead, he was one of the mob members helping her all along. He just wanted her to help him turn around the mafia and he wanted to get to know her. Then they lived happily ever after. As you can tell, the plot is really out there but it is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever watched.

Another movie we watched had the awfully hilarious concept working perfectly although quite on accident. Two summers ago, Anna, Brett, Kara and I watched The Last Song with Miley Cyrus (yes don’t judge). We started the movie and it began really intense. There was a fire going and someone was coughing from the ash and soot. Since Nicholas Sparks wrote the book, we knew that someone was going to die tragically like in all his books (The Notebook, A Walk to Remember etc.). The coughing signaled to us that it would be that character. Suddenly the movie went all weird and jumped around. We took it out of the DVD player and cleaned it. When we put it back in, it started somewhere else. We realized that we had just watched the climax of the movie but we had no idea the lead up to that part. Everyone was highly confused and we started guessing ridiculous ways of how everything tied together. It’s already hilarious to watch a movie with that group of people, but the more outrageous than usual comments made it even better. 


  1. One of our favorite home evenings was watching a film strip from the church library without the cassette. We made up the lines. The next week we got the cassette and listened to it. It wasn't as entertaining and we found that we had mistook someone for the wrong sex.

  2. You should watch "Rags," the new movie on Nickelodeon. It's yet another modern Cinderella twist (can't have too many of those!) where Cinderella is actually a boy with two evil step-brothers and an incredible singing voice. I think it's right down your alley.