Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mission Call

So I got my mission call... I'm going to Arcadia, California. I'll be speaking Spanish and I leave October 3rd. That means I have to brush up on my high school Spanish. Hopefully I'll go through and remember a lot of it before I go into the MTC (very optimistic).

I know some of my friends don't actually know what this means so I'll explain. I'm leaving in October for eighteen months to serve the Lord. I will first go to the MTC or Missionary Training Center. While I'm there I'll learn Spanish and I'll prepare to teach people about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS church). After gaining the necessary skills I will head off to California where I will be for the rest of my mission, about sixteen months. I'll come back in March of 2014. As part of the missionary lifestyle I will not be allowed to call friends or family. I will be permitted to write letters though, so I hope to get some from anyone reading this! I will be able to call or videochat with my parents on Christmas and Mother's day. I'm actually really excited because my birthday happens to be on the Sunday of Mother's day so that will be a really exciting present!

I'm very excited to go to California! I love warm weather and will definitely not miss the snow! I'm excited to serve and to see what is in store for me.

Here's the picture of my mission as per my family's request.

I'll just say if you have any questions you can go to or you can ask me yourself!

Some of the things I will be teaching include:

  • The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ--After Christ died, his church became corrupt and the gospel was not correct anymore. The gospel was brought back through Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.
  • The Plan of Salvation--The Plan of Happiness that God has for everyone as individuals and within families.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ--Christ's gospel consists of faith in Christ, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  • The Commandments--The Ten Commandments and other important commands like tithing, fasting, following the prophet, etc.
  • Laws and Ordinances--After baptism, the additional steps a person must take to gain eternal life. This includes things like going to the temple, doing missionary work and serving.

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