Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Quotes

"Give that to me! I have to play hot or not!" -Kara

"You must have been born a flirter." -Laura to Kara

"What are you doing Chewbacca? Would you like some ice cream? Yum, yum, yum yum." -Kara to her fish

"It wasn't bad, but it wasn't plaid." -Brett singer/songwriter

"Why are you kicking the door?" -Laura

"Am I good at being a homeboy?" -Kara

"Not dying your food is a crime!" -Laura

"How do you forget that? It's like forgetting you killed your pet cat." -Kara

Talking about chocolate eclairs
"They're like chocolate covered hot dogs!" -Jaron
"Did you see that? I made it roll-over when I picked it up." -Laura (this is a pun. the eclair was like a hot dog and it rolled over)

"It's a story it's not a lie!" -Kara

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