Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spring and Summer Quotes

Basically quotes from the spring and summer are pretty scarce because we just lost our sense of humor or something. Luckily we've picked back up since then. So here are the few, the proud, the quotes from spring and summer.

"I can hear a phone ringing. No wait that's a toilet." -Anna

"I'm from Murrietta, where erybody know erybody. If you say somethin about someone you gunn git beat. You gunn git BEAT!" -Kara/Laura (this really started on America's next top model but we quoted it all summer, and still do)

"I can't move with pants on." -Anna

"The government paid for me to jump on trampolines." -Anna

"When I eat tacos, I feel like it isn't real life." -Kara

"That is marginally less mean." -Anna

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