Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last year's Quotes

So I have a huge pile of them so I will be putting them up here sporadically. A lot of them don't make sense and I doubt I can give a reason for them, so don't ask.

"Will is not smart enough to pimp." -Kara, Laura

"It wasn't a poop sewer!" -Will

"I have to debase him because he's destroying my life!" -Sarah

"I don't know why, but she didn't believe when we told her we were just hugging the fridge 'cause it was sad." -Sarah

"Did you hear that? There's a sheep in this song!" -Kara

"I like you when you're cranky and tired... I like you other times too." -Amelia to Laura

"You could sing about your heart's desires." -Laura to Madeline

"Our lives would be so boring if Robert wasn't so deep, dark and dramatic."

"Look at me, I painted these pants on this morning, so I'm not wearing any pants!" -Kara

"Marriage and death are very similar." -Kara

"It's something deeper. More profound. One they write stories about." -Kate

"That's not true. I was a duck in eighth grade. I did all kinds of stuff. I sang..." -Amelia

-Talking about a man-
"Who is a man?" -Kara
"You are a man." -Sarah
"That's true." -Kara

Dear Kara,
That is a good point, whenever I become friends with someone I bite them to show my affection, MY VAMPIRE AFFECTION.
Love, Laura

"it's cold. I should have put pants on." -Kara

"Keep moving, keep moving!!" -Will

"Will, who exactly thought it was a good idea for you to have a voice?" -Amelia

"I don't want to say 'hi' to you at 3:30 in the morning!" -Michael about Amelia

"Always together... Eternally APART." -Robert

"You should see my chimney sweep portfolio." -Kara

"Hey look! It's a nut smasher! You use it on boys!" -Kara

A few months later:
*giggles* "I just got that! Nut-smasher that's funny!!" -Sarah

"I probably do belong in a straight jacket... but no more than Kara." -Sarah

"I was hoping he'd rhyme chalk with stalk." -Amelia

"I was FERTILE when I was 1!!"- Will

"It's because they don't think. That's why we kick them away for two years." -Laura

"I am deodorant. Without me your life would STINK." -Amelia

About Robert and his previous girlfriend
"So are they still together?" -Melissa
"Yeah! -Well...." -Amelia and Laura

"I am a cheez-it racist." -Kara

"You're like Bella! That's dumb." -Kara to Sarah

"Amelia, speaking of being naked..." -Kara to Amelia

"I hope that you...." -TCU game

"When you're eating with a fork this big, you have to make eating sound effects. OM!" -Kara

"It made me excited because I have issues with doors!" -Laura

"Will you ever forgive me?" -Kara
"If you buy me some knives!" -Laura

"Apparently she's a closet tuna lover." -Kara

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