Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Quotes

We were playing, little mermaid on the trampoline. I thought when she said I was an octopus that I was Ursula but apparently not.
"I'm a big, mean octopus!" -Laura
"Do you do the trash?" -Audrey

"I only watch crime shows so people think I'm crazy!" -Anna

"What are you doing?" -Audrey
"Putting on my socks."- Laura
"Good, or else your legs will crack." -Audrey

"Are you typing on your blog? I don't think you should type up anything I've been saying..." -Anna

"My mom said I could pee in the lake at camping." -Audrey

"Bradley, stop talking! I don't like hearing your creeper voice!" -Anna

"My mom feeds me sometimes..." -Audrey

"What color is your swim suit?" -Laura
"Orange, pink and whaley." -Audrey

--Along the same lines

"What color is my shirt?" -Laura
"Purple, white and flowery." -Audrey

"The girl who cut my hair did it right. So now my bangs don't look like a mustache." -Anna

"We have blanket power!" -Audrey

"Are we going to ostrasize Emily?" -Anna

"I'm a bad person! I lie to a three year old!"  -Anna

"Oh, I thought I saw a pogo stick." -Anna

"I bet I could pull off being a hipster." -Anna

"Audrey was playing her Blue's Clues game and it was hard. I couldn't even figure it out!" -Anna

"Lucky Charms have contributed to world peace... With their marshmallows." -Anna

"He's a gangster, don't worry." -Anna

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