Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Take Everything Literally

At this point, the only thing I have going on is babysitting so of course that is what I am writing about.

Audrey LOVES to read books, especially anything with a princess or dancer in it. I go to the library twice a week and we always pick out a couple to bring back. A couple weeks ago I brought back a book called Belinda Begins Ballet. She loved it from the start. Most books we read once or twice and she's happy to return them but she kept that one for two weeks and read it at least once a day.

When reading Audrey likes to ask questions like: "is that her mom?" and "what color are her eyes?" She also likes to ask them during each time the book is read. So she had read the book many times at this point (at the end of the two weeks) so it was a surprise when she came up with a new question for me about the book.

On one page she asked, "where is the teacher's eye?" I quickly pointed it out for her but she was discontent. "No the other eye!" I tried to explain that the other eye was not shown because of how her face was oriented, but Audrey persisted. "Where is the eye on the girl's dress?"

I was a little confused because her wording didn't seem to make sense, but I looked at the sentence I had just read. It said that the teacher had her eye on the girl, Belinda. Then I understood that she took that sentence literally, she actually thought that the teacher's eye was on Belinda. Three year olds are hilarious.

"My sticker! He swiped it!" -Audrey as her sticker fell on the floor

Every time I wear earrings, Audrey looks at them and plays with them so I asked her about them.
"Do you like earrings?" -Laura
"No, they make your ears look weird." -Audrey

"Choose a different favorite color!" -Audrey because I had the same one as her

The other day Audrey took my glasses and ran around the house with them. When I caught her and put them back on I asked her why she took them. She told me that it was because she didn't like them.

Basically I know the cutest little girl.

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  1. I liked the eye on the dress. I'm glad you are having fun being a nanny.